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Pitch to Publishers




Hear what the publishers have to say about effective written and verbal pitching.

A panel of industry experts will share what it takes to create a pitch that tickles their fancy. What makes them want to read on? What makes them want to run away? And what makes them want to request a full manuscript?

Then, it’s over to delegates for the real pitches!


Eight delegates will be given three minutes each to pitch their project live to a panel of publishers, while the crowd watches on. This electric event is a rare opportunity to present your work to a group of captive professionals. Then take a deep breath, and hear what the experts have to say in response. Thrilling and exciting, there aren’t many career opportunities like this! Challenge yourself and see where it leads…

This is a free event and is open to all attending delegates of the SCBWI Conference 2016. For your pitch to be considered, follow the guidelines below – there are 4 parts to the submission. Entries must be received by Monday 22 August, 2016. 


What if I’m unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, only eight pitches will be chosen for the official Pitch to Publishers session. However, hard work is never wasted. Consider this opportunity motivation to reflect on your writing, whatever the outcome. Creating a pitch requires delegates to ruminate on the key aspects of their manuscript – What is the main message of your story? What is the role of the characters? Where is the intrigue in the plot? How exciting is the action? What makes your manuscript special? Once you’ve created a perfect pitch you know exactly what drives your story and can speak about it eloquently at any opportunity. So, if you’re pitch isn’t chosen, hopefully you’ve grown as a writer along the way. And that’s what it’s all about!


What to submit?

1. Your name & email

2. Genre & Target Market
Genre example: fiction, non-fiction, picture book, fantasy, sci-fi etc.
Target market example: early Childhood, middle grade, young adult, crossover

3. Shout lines (Elevator Pitch) 
A short, captivating one-paragraph synopsis of your work.
For example, in Susanne Gervay’s YA novel That’s Why I Wrote This Song, the shout lines are:
​Driven by the songs Psycho Dad and I Wanna be Found, the lyrics and music drive the narrative, of That’s Why I Wrote This Song. This is the journey of 4 girls and a brother, and their relationships with their fathers, the good, the bad and the ugly, as they search for friendships, love, who they are, set against the real music scene from Big Day Out to Eminem. 

4. Manuscript Extract
Two pages from your manuscript that can be read aloud.
(Remember, on the day you will only have three minutes in total for the entire pitch.)


ENTRIES HAVE NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all who have submitted entries to Pitch to Publishers and Good Luck!


Pitch coordinators

Tracey Hawkins Coordinator ACT and Katrina Germein Coordinator SA
Questions? email:


Successful applicants will be notified on or before Monday 29 August, 2016.

Ready. Set. Go!




Terms and Conditions

SCBWI is a not-for-profit volunteer run organisation and all proceeds from these tickets are committed to Event expenses. Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds, but we will allow transfer of Conference ticket to another eligible SCBWI member.

 Illustrator Showcase and Critique tickets are non-transferable.