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Andrea Pinkney Award


This year we are delighted to offer this exciting award for writers at the SCBWI Conference 2016:

The Andrea Pinkney Writer Award—a personal Skype critique from Andrea Pinkney,  Vice-President Scholastic USA and New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of more than thirty books.

This award is open to all attending delegates of the SCBWI Conference 2016 and is free to enter. One entry per attending delegate, so give it your best shot! For your entry to be considered, follow the guidelines below – there are 4 parts to the submission. Entries can be submitted between July 1st and August 1st 2016. Late entries will not be considered. Entries have now CLOSED. Good Luck to all those who have entered!


What to submit?

1. Your name & email

2. Genre & Target Market

Genre example: fiction, non-fiction, picture book, fantasy, sci-fi etc.

Target market example: early Childhood, middle grade, young adult, crossover

3. Shout lines (Elevator Pitch) 

A short, captivating one-paragraph synopsis of your work.

For example, in Susanne Gervay’s YA novel That’s Why I Wrote This Song, the shout lines are:

Driven by the songs Psycho Dad and I Wanna be Found, the lyrics and music drive the narrative, of That’s Why I Wrote This Song. This is the journey of 4 girls and a brother, and their relationships with their fathers, the good, the bad and the ugly, as they search for friendships, love, who they are, set against the real music scene from Big Day Out to Eminem. 

4. The start of your manuscript
Include the first page from your novel or picture book.

Your Manuscript Extract should include the following:

• Your Name and Email

• And the beginning of your draft manuscript to a maximum of 1 page, double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or similar


• A picture book draft text to a maximum of 1 page, double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or similar

Please supply your Manuscript Extract as Word or pdf and label including Surname, Title: ex. Surname_Title


Closing date for submissions—1st August 2016

The successful entry will be announced at the Conference Dinner Dance on Monday 5th September, 2016.


Entry for the Andrea Pinkney Award has now CLOSED. Thank You to all those who have submitted entries and GOOD LUCK!






Terms and Conditions

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